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Staff Education

Required Staff Education Measures Download
1. Adopt a written environmental policy statement stating your business' commitment to operate as a green business and some of the practices that your business is implementing as a green business. Download sample.
2. Conduct an annual all staff presentation that reviews resource consumption (water, energy, paper etc.), solid and hazardous waste generation and highlights additional green business practices. Posting information online or on a bulletin board is acceptable.
3. Provide 3 ongoing incentives or training opportunities to encourage management and employee participation in the Petal Project. For example, incorporate green business into:
  a. Performance appraisals, job descriptions, training programs, employee orientations
  b. Staff meeting discussions
  c. Employee reference materials
  d. Company newsletter or bulletins
  e. Company suggestion and reward programs
4. Inform your customers about your business' environmental efforts and what you are doing to meet the Petal Project criteria. For example:
  a. Post the Petal Project logo, certification and policy statement in a visible location
  b. Incorporate green and environmentally friendly tips in your marketing materials
  c. Offer tours that highlight your Petal Project and other green business successes
  d. Offer customers "green" services or educational opportunities
5. Train new employees on green business procedures and practices implemented by your business through your company's employee handbook.
6. Highlight your Petal Project efforts and/or certification on your website and link to the Petal Project homepage.
7. Organize a green team to ensure continued monitoring of Petal Project and other green practices.
8. Participate in at least one community outreach activity each year to promote a more sustainable region. For example:
  a. Organize a team to participate in an environmentally focused service project
  b. Adopt a roadway
  c. Host an educational event that covers an environmental topic
  d. Partner with a Green Vision School to host an event or organize a service project